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  • Nasiol CabinCare- hydrophobic spray protects the fabric surfaces in your vehicle against water, liquids and stains, providing them with easy-to-clean properties. Effective and practical nano-protection for car seats!
  • CabinCare- car care products forms a hydrophobic and oleophobic layer over the fabric surfaces of your car. It protects fabric materials against liquids and stains.
  • Offers protection for up to 6 months following an easy, 15-minute application process. It does not change the texture or color of the fabric.
  • No need to worry while driving with your children and pets, or while enjoying beverages in your car. With CabinCare- auto interior spray , your car seats are safe!
  • Durable to common cleaning products and chemicals. The nano-coating is not affected by cleaning processes; it continues protecting the treated surfaces.

How to Apply Fabric Waterproofing Spray?

Surface should be free of any dust, wax, dirt, oil, water or etc.

Application area should be ventilated well.

Surface should be sprayed around 80-100 times for one square meter.

Curing time is 24 h.​


Car Seat Protector Waterproofing Spray Nasiol Cabincare Specifications

Volume                500 ml

Application surface type               Car textile, suede, nubuck

Durability             Up to 6 months

Temperature durability 110°C

Chemical resistance        11>pH>1

Consumption     80-100 ml/m2

Coating thickness             ~75-100 nm

Water repellency             Yes

Oil repellency                  Yes

Breathability                    Yes

Shelf life              2 years

Keeping conditions         -3°C to +30°C

Curing period     24 h

Fabric Waterproofing Spray Box includes       12 pieces

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