Nasiol ZR53 Ceramic Coating for Cars

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Nasiol-ZR53 is an ultimate 3 YEAR paint protection system against all environmental effects.

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Nasiol ZR53 is the ultimate nano-coating car body protection solution against harmful effects like acid rains, bird droppings, scratches, UV rays, and lousy washing techniques.

Safe to apply ZR53 to the body of your car, plastic trims, and bumpers with a simple one-step application. Nasiol ZR53 will ensure up to 3 years of durable nano ceramic car coating protection.

Its unique technology enables it to achieve a thick coating, and this coating effectively protects your car.

  • Nasiol ZR53 coated surfaces gain a superhydrophobic surface that results in an easy-clean.
  • Water, mud, dust, grime; they all slide off, requiring little to no time and effort for a superior shine.
  • The body of your vehicle stays cleaner and shinier for longer with Nasiol ZR53, just like the day you bought your car.

Unlike other nano ceramic car coating and paint protection products, ZR53 only gets crystallized at nano-level when applied, but not formed at a non-nano level. With one application, you get two-layering of protection. The bottom layer provides the soft touch, and the top layering hardens, thus ensuring maximum resistance and elasticity superior to other ceramic coatings. When applied correctly, Nasiol ZR53 car paint sealant product will protect the surface for up to 3 years.


Nasiol ZR53 Ceramic Coating for Cars Box includes:

✓ Nasiol ZR53 50ml

✓ Microfiber cloth 2pcs

✓ Application pads 10pcs

✓ Protective gloves 2 pcs

✓ Multi-language application manual


How to Apply Car Paint Protection?

  1. Surface should be prepared accordingly.
  2. Surface should be free of any dust, dirt, oil or water.
  3. Application should be made in a shade area.
  4. Product is spread with a pad.
  5. Surface should be buffed immediately with dry cloth.


Curing time is 48 h.

Durability : 1-3 Year

Additional information


Carton, Piece


1.7 oz


Application surface type Car and motorcycle paint
Durability 3 years / 150 washings: Normal conditions
-20°C to +35°C, pH<12 detergent
1 year / 50 washings: Heavy conditions
-40°C to +40°C, ph>12 detergent
Temperature durability 150°C
Chemical resistance 12>pH>1
Consumption 4 mL/m2
Coating thickness 700-1000 nm
Hardness 9H Pencil
Scratch resistance Yes
Water repellency Yes
Oil repellency Yes
Hologram reducing Yes
Shelf life 1 year without opening the bottle,
1 w after opening the bottle
Keeping conditions -3°C to +30 °C
Curing period 6h pre, 48 h totally
Case includes 10 pieces


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